Partner Program Policies

PlaidCloud Solutions Partner Program Policies

Our Solution Partner Program Goals

We strive for a strong and vibrant partner ecosystem that is sustainable for both us and our partners. Ultimately, we want partners acting as the trusted advisors to PlaidCloud customers that need to solve problems for which PlaidCloud is a great fit. Building great software is only valuable if customers find it and use it to create value for themselves. Helping customers find, select, and implement software solutions is not easy work and we want to make sure, through revenue sharing, that the effort is valuable to our solution partners.

We also want to recognize the investments necessary to communicate and sell solutions that solve big problems for customers. Those deals are often large and complex so a partner will need to invest in training, certifications, and sustained marketing efforts.

Finally, as a hat tip to those boutique implementation firms, we know that when you are small and highly focused on implementations it is challenging to make sales while simultaneously implementing. Therefore, we only require maintaining at least one certified PlaidCloud Analyst to remain an active partner.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing is generally based on the monthly or annual PlaidCloud billings for a customer. The revenue share payments to partners occur quarterly and can last for many years provided the customer remains active.

Register Your Current and Prospective Clients

You can register current or prospective clients in order to be eligible for revenue share when you sell PlaidCloud to that client.

Client registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register clients that they have established a demonstrable business relationship and who you are actively approaching and are engaging with in a pursuit of a sale.

It is important to register prospective clients as a deconfliction measure in case multiple partners have a relationship with the prospect.

Familiarize Yourself with the PlaidCloud Event, Press and Branding Guidelines

Please note the PlaidCloud trademarked terms and guidelines for using these terms as described in the above guidelines. We certainly want to encourage use of PlaidCloud terms and marks so feel free to contact your Partner Advisor if you have any questions or suggestions on use.

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