Create a configuration file, Install and run the PlaidLink (Agent)

Download the agent

Check the releases on for PlaidLink

Extract the agent

Extract the downloaded zip file to an install location of your choice. Generally, this location will be:

C:\Users\<Username here>\src\plaidlink

Create a configuration file

Copy the config-dist.yaml file in the agent's directory to %ProgramData\plaidcloud\, and rename this copy config.yaml

(Edit this configuration with the values retrieved from PlaidCloud)

Install the agent's service

Run the install_windows_service.bat file in the agent's install directory OR

From an administrator command prompt, navigate to the agent's install directory and run:

.\PlaidLink.exe install

Running the agent

Type Services into Windows' search bar and open the service manager. In the list of services, find PlaidCloud Agent.

Right-click the service and select "Start" to start the agent.

Freezing updates

If at any point you want to disable the agent's auto-update feature, open the agent's 'yaml' configuration file, and at the root level of the file, add a line that reads freeze_updates: true, and restart the agent's service.

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