Data Type Transformations

Array Operations

Provides support functions enabling fast array operations

Encoding Categorical Variables

Coding categorical variables into one-hot, dummy, effects, orthogonal, and Helmert

Low-Rank Matrix Factorization

Represent an incomplete matrix using a low-rank approximation

Matrix Operations

Provides basic matrix operations for matrices that are too big to fit in memory

Norms and Distance Functions

Useful utility functions for basic linear algebra operations


Performs regular pattern matching over a sequence of rows


Perform basic OLAP type operations on data


Performs time-oriented session reconstruction on a data set comprising a sequence of events

Single Value Decomposition

Factorization of a real or complex matrix, with many useful applications in signal processing and statistics

Sparse Vectors

Provides compressed storage of vectors that have many duplicate elements


Provides a basic stemming operation for text input using the Porter Stemming Algorithm

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