Managing Document Account Owners

Add and remove Document account owners

The member who creates the account is assigned as the owner by default. However, Document accounts are designed to support multiple owners. This feature is helpful when a team is responsible for managing account access or when there is member turnover. Adding and removing owners is similar to adding and removing access permissions.

Add or Remove Owners

  1. Go to Document > Management Accounts in PlaidCloud
  2. Select the owners icon in the Manage Accounts list
  3. Drag new owners from the Unassigned Members column on the left to the Assigned Members column on the right
  4. To remove owners, do the opposite
  5. Select the Save button

Because only owners have the ability to view and edit an account, account administration is set up with two levels:

  • The member needs security access to view and manage accounts in general, and
  • The member must be an owner of the account to view, manage, and change settings of accounts
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