A Workflow is a set of steps that load and transform data from raw state into a final form. There can be multiple workflows within a project, and those can be scheduled, run if conditions are met, or run manually. To view the workflows, open a project and go to the Workflows tab.

Where are the Workflows

Create and Manage your own Workflows

Workflow Explorer

View the details of your Workflows

Create Workflow

Creating a new workflow

Duplicate a Workflow

Making a duplicate copy of a workflow

Copy & Paste steps

Copy and paste steps within and across workflows

Change the order of steps in a workflow

Move steps up and down in a workflow to control the flow of execution

Run a workflow

How to run a workflow from the workflow management area

Running one step in a workflow

Execute a single step within a workflow

Running a range of steps in a workflow

How to run a selected range of steps together as mini-workflow

Managing Step Errors

Control the behavior of a step when errors occur

Continue on Error

Set the workflow to continue even when an error occurs

Skip steps in a workflow

How to disable steps in a workflow so they are not executed

Conditional Step Execution

Control if a step is executed in a workflow based on a set of conditions

Controlling Parallel Execution

How to control serial versus parallel execution of steps in a workflow

Manage Workflow Variables

Create, view, and set workflow variable values

Viewing Workflow Log

How to view and analyze the workflow log

View Workflow Report

Get a summary report of the workflow and settings

View a dependency audit

View all the data dependencies within a workflow

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