Export to Table Archive

Exports PlaidCloud table archive file


Exports PlaidCloud table archive file.

Export Parameters

Export File Selector

Export File Selector

The file selector in this transform allows you to choose a destination store the exported result in a PlaidCloud Document.

You choose a directory and specify a file name for the target file.

Source Table

Dynamic Option

The Dynamic option allows specification of a table using text, including variables. This is useful when employing variable driven workflows where table and view references are relative to the variables specified.

An example that uses the current_month variable to dynamically point to source table:


Static Option

When a specific table is desired as the source for the export, leave the Dynamic box unchecked and select the source table.

Table Explorer is always avaible with any table selection. Click on the Table Explorer button to the right of the table selection and a Table Explorer window will open.

Selecting a Document Account

Choose a PlaidCloud Document account for which you have access. This will provide you with the ability to select a directory next selection.

Target Directory Path

Select the Browse icon to the right of the Target Directory Path and navigate to the location you want the file saved to.

Target File Name

Specify the name the exported file should be saved as.


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