Export to External Project Table

Export data from a project table to different project's table.


Export data from a project table to different project's table.

Data Sharing Management

Data Sharing Management

In order to export a table to another project you must first go to both projects Home Tab and allow the projects to share data with each other. To do this select New Data Share and select the project and give them Read access.

Export External Project Table

Export External Project Table

Read From

Select the Source Table from the drop down menu.

Write To

Target Project

Select the Target Project from the drop down menu.

Target Table Static

To establish the target table select either an existing table as the target table using the Target Table dropdown or click on the green "+" sign to create a new table as the target.

Table Creation

When creating a new table you will have the option to either create it as a View or as a Table.


Views are useful in that the time required for a step to execute is significantly less than when a table is used. The downside of views is they are not a useful for data exploration in the table Details mode.


When using a table as the target a step will take longer to execute but data exploration in the Details mode is much quicker than with a view.

Target Table Dynamic

The Dynamic option allows specification of a table using text, including variables. This is useful when employing variable driven workflows where table and view references are relative to the variables specified.

An example that uses the current_month variable to dynamically point to target table:


Append to Existing Data

To append the data from the source table to the target table select the Append to Existing Data check box.

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