General Usage Mathematics Expressions

Expression with Enhanced Transformation Capabilities

Expressions use Python SQLAlchemy syntax and provide powerful transformation capabilities.

Common Mathematics Expressions

Analyze ExpressionOperatorDescriptionExampleResult
++addition2 + 35
subtraction2 – 3-1
**multiplication2 * 36
//division (integer division truncates results)4 / 22
column.op(‘%’)%modulo (remainder)5 % 41
column.op(‘^’)^exponentiation2.0 ^ 3.08
column.op(‘!’)!factorial5 !120
column.op(‘!!’)!!factorial (prefix operator)!! 5120
column.op(‘@’)@absolute value@ -5.05
column.op(‘&’)&bitwise AND91 & 1511
column.op(‘#’)##bitwise XOR17 ## 520
column.op(‘~’)~bitwise NOT~1-2
column.op(‘<<’)<<bitwise shift left1 << 416
column.op(‘>>’)>>bitwise shift right8 >> 22

Mathematics Functions

Analyze ExpressionReturn TypeDescriptionExampleResult
func.abs(x)(same as input)absolute valueabs(-17.4 )17.4
func.cbrt(dp)Big Floatcube rootcbrt(27.0 )3
func.ceil(dp or numeric)(same as input)smallest integer not less than argumentceil(-42. 8)-42
func.ceiling(dp or numeric)(same as input)smallest integer not less than argument (alias for ceil)ceiling(- 95.3)-95
func.degrees(dp)Big Floatradians to degreesdegrees(0 .5)28.64788 97565412
func.exp(dp or numeric)(same as input)exponentialexp(1.0)2.718281 82845905
func.floor(dp or numeric)(same as input)largest integer not greater than argumentfloor(-42 .8)-43
func.ln(dp or numeric)(same as input)natural logarithmln(2.0)0.693147 18055994 5
func.log(dp or numeric)(same as input)base 10 logarithmlog(100.0 )2
func.log(b numeric, x numeric)numericlogarithm to base blog(2.0, 64.0)6
func.mod(y, x)(same as argument types)remainder of y/xmod(9,4)1
func.pi()Big Float“π” constantpi()3.141592 65358979
func.power(a dp, b dp)Big Floata raised to the power of bpower(9.0 , 3.0)729
func.power(a numeric, b numeric)numerica raised to the power of bpower(9.0 , 3.0)729
func.radians(dp)Big Floatdegrees to radiansradians(4 5.0)0.785398 16339744 8
func.random()Big Floatrandom value in the range 0.0 <= x < 1.0random()
func.round(dp or numeric)(same as input)round to nearest integerround(42. 4)42
func.round(v numeric, s int)numericround to s decimal placesround(42. 4382, 2)42.44
func.setseed(dp)integerset seed for subsequent random() calls (value between 0 and 1.0)setseed(0 .54823)11773149 59
func.sign(dp or numeric)(same as input)sign of the argument (-1, 0, +1)sign(-8.4 )-1
func.sqrt(dp or numeric)(same as input)square rootsqrt(2.0)1.414213 5623731
func.trunc(dp or numeric)(same as input)truncate toward zerotrunc(42. 8)42
func.trunc(v numeric, s int)numerictruncate to s decimal placestrunc(42. 4382, 2)42.43
func.width_bucket( op numeric, b1 numeric, b2 numeric, count int)integerreturn the bucket to which operand would be assigned in an equidepth histogram with count buckets, in the range b1 to b2width_bu cket(5.35 , 0.024, 10.06, 5)3
func.least(value…)(same as input)Select the smallest value from a list. NULL values in the list are ignored. The result will be NULL only if all values are NULL.
func.greatest(value …)(same as input)Select the largest value from a list. NULL values in the list are ignored. The result will be NULL only if all values are NULL.

Trigonometric Functions

Analyze ExpressionDescription
func.acos(x)inverse cosine
func.asin(x)inverse sine
func.atan(x)inverse tangent
func.atan2(x,y)inverse tangent of x/y
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