Standard Expressions

Standard Expressions are basic level operations that can be added across the platform such as finding the max value in a column, extracting the year from a date field, or removing the leading zeroes in a text field.

General Usage Conditionals

Simple If-then-else/case Operation, Complex Condition with Multiple Options, Coalesce

General Usage Data Type Expressions

The following data types (dytpes) are available through Analyze to support your requirements

General Usage Dates and Time Expressions

Common Expression Values for date/time functions

General Usage Filters

Apply filters using column references

General Usage Mathematics Expressions

Expression with Enhanced Transformation Capabilities

General Usage PostGIS

Enhanced 'Analyze' functions for geospatial analysis

General Usage Text Expressions

Commonly Used Text Expressions


Array based functions

Column Conditions

Basic conditionals like between, contains, is, startswith


Basic conditions like and, case, not, or


Basic conversion functions like cast, and func-to-char

Date and Time

Basic date functions like current-date, now, and timeofday

Grouping and Summarization

Summarization functions like stdev, max, and median


JSON functions like func-json-each-text, func-json-estract-path, and func-json-object-keys


Basic math functions like abs, least, log, radians, and random


Text related functions like char-length, concat, length, and trim


Trig functions like cos, sin, and tan

Window Functions

Window functions like min, count, avg, and rank.

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