Command Line

Interact with PlaidCloud directory from command line

PlaidCloud uses standard JSON-RPC requests and can be used with any application that can perform those requests.

To make things easier, a Python package is available to simplify the connection and API running process.

Required Installation

From a terminal run the following command:

pip install plaidcloud-rpc

Using the SimpleRPC Object to Make a Request

To make a request using the plaidcloud-rpc package use the SimpleRPC object.

from plaidcloud.rpc.connection.jsonrpc import SimpleRPC  
auth_token = "Your PlaidCloud Auth Token" # See Obtaining Token below  
endpoint_uri = "" # or  
rpc = SimpleRPC(auth_token, endpoint_uri)

Once you have the SimpleRPC object instantiated you can then issue RPC request to PlaidCloud. This example requests the meta data for a table.

table = rpc.analyze.table.table(  

What APIs are Available?

There are many APIs available for use that control nearly every aspect of PlaidCloud. All of the APIs, the inputs, and expected outputs are documented in the APIs documentation.

Obtaining an OAuth Token

See OAuth Tokens for more information on obtaining an OAuth token and how to configure the system for automated auth.

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