Member Management

Add, remove, suspend members from workspace

Identity provides the ability to add, remove, and/or suspend members of the workspace. Since PlaidCloud members can be members of multiple workspaces, removing a member from the workspace does not delete the member account from PlaidCloud.

New Members

Adding New Members

To add members:

  1. Open Identity
  2. Select the “Member” tab
  3. Click “All” in the dropdown menu to display members
  4. Click “Add Workspace Member”
  5. Complete all required fields on the member form
  6. Click the “Create” button

New Member Welcome Email

After adding a new member, a welcome email with sign-in credentials will be sent to their provided email address. The welcome email can be customized to provide additional information relevant to the new member’s PlaidCloud use.

To update or view the welcome email:

  1. Open Identity
  2. Select the “Member” tab
  3. Click “Email Welcome Message” from the dropdown menu
  4. Make any additions or changes desired
  5. Click the “Update” button

Viewing and Managing Member Sessions

To view the current member sessions:

  1. Open Identity
  2. Select the “Member” tab
  3. Click “Session Manager” in the dropdown menu

From this table, it’s possible to view session information (current sessions and last activity), as well as terminate sessions if desired.

To terminate a session:

  1. Highlight the member(s) you wish to logout
  2. Click the “End Selected Sessions” button in the upper left

Managing Distribution (Distro) Lists

Distribution lists, Distros, are simply email distribution lists managed within PlaidCloud. They provide an easy way to quickly send reports, files, and/or other information to groups. The Distribution list feature allows for the management of lists on a workspace by workspace basis. This eliminates the need to rely on external lists that may over or undercover the intended audience.

To manage lists:

  1. Open Identity
  2. Select the “Distro Lists” tab
  3. Click the “Create New Distro List” button to create a new list
  4. Complete all required fields of the Distro List form
  5. Click the “create” button

To manage workspace members for each list:

  1. Select the workspace icon (cloud) in the table
  2. To manage non-members, click on the globe icon.
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